Lecture: Openmoko: 5 years after – What's left behind.

Free software and hardware projects for mobile communication


A brief look at the history of the Openmoko project, what lead to its (perceived) failure, and why even despite that it was very valuable for the free and open source community. We're then discussing at what's left behind and what the future holds.

The Openmoko project has been announced November 2006 on the Open Source in Mobile conference in Amsterdam. Back then no one knew about neither Android nor the iPhone; Vendors were scared to offer full access to the (GSM) hardware, and noone dared to deliver a native SDK. Openmoko was responsible for shaking the industry up a bit by providing all that.

Even though Openmoko released only two models, both which have been plagued by hardware bugs, they have been kick-starting a myriad of interesting free software and hardware projects. We're looking at the current state and future of the most interesting projects (such as SHR, freesmartphone.org, Aurora, QtMoko, ...) and how they apply to other devices.

Last but not least we're giving an outline of the exciting new telephony hardware from Golden Delicious Computing.


Day: 2011-08-20
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 01:00
Track: Mobile



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