Workshop: Don't be a GUI rookie forever, be in command (line)

Unix shell survival course for developers and DBAs


There are two ways of using Unix: using a graphical interface and stay a beginner forever, or using the command line and go forward.
This survival guide will teach how to get started with the command line and how to become efficient and productive.

Unix philosophy is based on text commands at the shell.
Shell users have two advantages over the GUI users: they often are more efficient, and they can quickly assemble new tools that simplify and speed up operations.

This workshop will combine brief theoretical explanations and long practical examples and demos.

If you are a developer who need to set up a working infrastructure and manipulate data for your applications, or a DBA who needs to get more power than what is offered by standard GUIs, this session is for you.

The workshop will discuss and illustrate the following topics:

* Introduction to command line operations
* main tools
* piping
* command line editing
* aliases
* variables and nested commands
* simple loops
* nested loops and why you need them
* filtering results by lines and columns
* heavy shots: dialog, screen, and more
* combining shell and database
* shell and ssh to install and maintain complex systems


Day: 2011-08-21
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 02:00
Track: Development


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