Lecture: Test-Driven Web Development

Treating your web application like the grown-up it is


An introduction to the automated testing process of modern web applications, aimed at making your job more fun and relieve your apps from the feeling of being treated like a 3-yr-old (let's face it: HTML, CSS and JavaScript are allowed to drink together in a German pub).

After a short explanation of unit testing and test-driven development in general we'll be looking at the specific problems we face when trying to automate the testing of applications on the web and examine the available tools of the trade. The talk will also cover how to do functional testing, style checking your code and putting it all together using the Jenkins/Hudson continuous integration server (yes, you will still get an email when you mess up - but now it's coming from a friendly butler before your boss even has a chance of getting mad at you).

The talk is intended for web application developers who have good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but use manual (read: boring) testing methods or rely on other people doing testing for them. It does not require knowledge of unit testing or test-driven development.


Day: 2011-08-21
Start time: 17:45
Duration: 01:00
Track: Web


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