Lecture: Open Source SW Governance in an Industrial Environment

How to correctly use Open Source SW in commercial products


Open Source Software communities have generated a huge amount of mature and innovative software components, which now have been successfully used in commcercial products and projects.

But beside most often discussed technical aspects there are a lot of factors, like legal issues, Copyright laws, possible IPR infringements,
complex license conditions and export control restrictions, which need to be taken care of in a commercial environment using Open Source components.

This talk promotes the idea of an Open Source Governance system, which has been successfully implemented at Nokia Siemens Networks. The idea is to leverage the benefits of Open Source Software for our commcercial products but also limiting possible threats and risks in conjunction with the Open Source licensing model.

The Open Source Governance system in NSN covers all non technial aspects for using an Open Source component in one of our products. It contains a company wide Open Source policy and a development process. A verification step has been installed to guarantee Open Source license compliance, which is complemented by a tool suite for Open Source asset management and code auditing.

In addition to this there are rules and regulations for handling open source in 3rd party software, for Open Source software maintenance and for
contributions made to open source communities by our developers.

And last but not least an extensive training for our developers promotes these ideas internally and raises the awareness in our development teams for those non technical aspects.


Day: 2011-08-21
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 01:00
Track: Legal Issues


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