froscon2010 - PREVIEW

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Felix Schupp
Day Day 2 - 2010-08-22
Room HS6
Start time 15:15
Duration 01:00
ID 643
Event type Lecture
Track OpenSQLCamp
Language used for presentation English

BlackRay - The State of the Engine

Since its first release in October 2008 the BlackRay Data Engine has come a long way. BlackRay, the high-performance in-memory data engine is a fully SQL enabled relational database, combining database technology and search engine performance and features.

This talk will focus on the new features currently developed, and gives an outlook on the roadmap until the end of 2010:

  • SQL parser built with Lemon and Quex
  • Dynamic loading of user defined index functions
  • Sharding and Partitioning
  • BlackRay as a MySQL Storage engine
  • Building a query cache with BlackRay