froscon2010 - PREVIEW

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Lenz Grimmer
Day Day 1 - 2010-08-21
Room HS6
Start time 11:15
Duration 01:00
ID 599
Event type Lecture
Track OpenSQLCamp
Language used for presentation English

Shooting from the Hip. MySQL at the Command Line.

Mastering MySQL from the command line, like a guru

GUIs are nice to see, but the command line is so much more powerful. Learn the basics of the command line power. Using standard tools and a bit of creativity, you can put together results that few GUIs can achieve. And, most important, you get the result immediately. No need to wait till the developers implement the features you need. With the command line, you are the master and the owner of your system.

There are many GUI applications to deal with databases and with MySQL in particular. But for die hard command line enthusiasts, who grew up with Linux, the shell prompt is still prince. You would be surprised at the vast amount of operations that you can do from the command line. Running commands on several databases at once, filtering users, getting detailed metadata, transferring data from the operating system to a database and the other way around, creating scripts from database data, creating SQL commands from database data. That, and more, you can learn by attending this session. Learn the art of the command line as a shortcut to quick and efficient administration, and as help for demanding developers.