froscon2010 - PREVIEW

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Stephane Combaudon
Tag Day 1 - 2010-08-21
Raum HS6
Beginn 15:15
Dauer 01:00
ID 573
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track OpenSQLCamp
Sprache der Veranstaltung englisch

Keep your MySQL replication in sync with Maatkit

MySQL offers no built-in mechanism to check consistency between a master and its slaves. Maatkit, a famous set of tools to ease the administration of a MySQL server, does. In this session we will see various replication problems and how to solve them with Maatkit.

MySQL replication is straightforward to set up but also easy to break. If inconsistencies are introduced, the master and its slaves start being desynchronized. And as MySQL does not offer any tool to monitor the situation, most often you will not catch the problem, which can lead to strange behaviors and possibly make your application crash. Maatkit, a set of administration tools for MySQL, has a neat solution with 2 nice scripts: mk-table-checksum, which is a tool to detect inconsistencies between a master and its slaves and mk-table-sync, which can correct automatically these problems detected with mk-table-checksum. This session will show you first how to use both tools depending on your replication setup (master-slaves or master-master) and then how to get the most from the multiple options that are available.