froscon2009 - 1.0

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Day Day 2 (2009-08-23)
Room HS3
Start time 11:15
Duration 01:00
ID 323
Event type Lecture
Track Security
Language used for presentation English

Malware for Soho Routers

The war has begun

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Malware for soho routers has been a hot topic thru-out the last year and to this day the trend continues. With new super worms like psyb0t and other yet unnamed fears on the rise, we will take a close look at the current situation and discuss the things to come.

So called Soho (Small home and office) routers have become extremely popular in the last few years. While the good guys where busy trying to prevent malware from infiltrating their desktop systems, the bad guys had gone one step ahead of the game and started to experiment with these devices. With new possible cyber threads emerging from the web every day, this is your chance to gain the necessary knowledge to protect yourself and your business.

Participants will learn the fundamental basics how routers can be taken over. After a few practical examples we will then move into the field of malware. You will not only gain the basic knowlege of router hacking and a bit of knowledge about malware here. This is the real stuff, detailed analysis of current threads, counter measures and a lot of cool shit.