froscon2009 - 1.0

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Giuseppe Maxia
Tag Day 1 (2009-08-22)
Raum HS5
Beginn 17:45
Dauer 01:00
ID 380
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Databases
Sprache der Veranstaltung englisch

MySQL Sandbox 3

Making your life with databases easier than ever

MySQL Sandbox is a tool to install one or more MySQL servers in isolation and to use them securely and easily. Single servers and replicated systems are created in seconds and accessed with smart commands. Version 3.0 introduces many changes to simplify database management. Easier installation, more tools, more features. In addition to creating sandboxes, you can also move, copy, protect, and delete them with a single command.

Did you ever want to test that new experimental version of MySQL that everyone is talking about? You did, but you have already a production server in your box, and you don't want to disturb it. MySQL Sandbox can help you. Within seconds, you can have as many servers as you need, installed in your box safely and isolated from the main server. No conflicts can happen between your main server and the sandboxes or between sandboxes themselves. MySQL Sandbox allows you to create single and multiple sandboxes, with servers in standard, circular, and hierarchical replication. There is a companion tool that makes your administration of the sandboxes as easy as you may dream. This session will explain the principles and show the MySQL Sandbox in action.