froscon2009 - 1.0

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Linas Virbalas

Here goes some bio and background about me:

I was lucky enough to receive a hand made Sinclair :) when I was 7 years old and been programming since than... No not with Sinclair only :]

I believe it's not a programming language that makes a difference rather its correct choice in a particular situation and the very person doing the job. Though C++, C#, JAVA and ColdFusion are those languages in which time provided me with the most experience.

I've been working as a pure software developer from my youth till 2004. After that, I had a chance to establish an IT department in, at that time, the largest non banking financial brokerage company in Lithuania (small EU country near Baltic sea). It was 5 years that introduced me to more general things about IT, "CIOing" and how a medium sized company is ran and grown. This was also the period when extensive use of SQL came into my life. Again, each goal requires a different database, but MySQL and MSSQL were the most used by me. High availability, of course, is crucial in financial institution, especially were stocks are in trade, but how much more industries requires that! As well as ability to scale systems to increase performance. I guess you know that better than me, if you're reading this. And this is to what I am contributing now - working for Continuent since 2008. Awesome company, great people and hopefully a product that you will be interested to hear about: Tungsten.

Visit this page, which would help you get familiar with it. To sum it up: if you're reaching for increasing availability for your database (thus application), and if you're in a need to increase performance by scaling into multiple copies of data, and you want a to be able to manage everything from a centralized place, you just might find Tungsten useful.

What is my role in it? Well, if you're open source coder like me, you will find my code in Tungsten Replicator, Tungsten Manager, Tungsten Monitor, Tungsten Commons and Hedera. Hopefully, I will be able to introduce you not only to these but to Tungsten SQL-Router and Tungsten Connector also.

Wish you a happy camp! Linas