froscon2009 - 1.0

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Michael Gisbers
Constanze Stohn
Tag Day 1 (2009-08-22)
Raum C116/Certification
Beginn 15:00
Dauer 02:00
ID 444
Veranstaltungstyp Wettkampf
Track Other
Sprache der Veranstaltung englisch

LPI Prüfung

Prüfungsdurchgang #2

Since the first FrOSCon, LPI-examinations have taken place during the conference. The examination number has continually increased since then; in the last year, 54 LPI-examinations were taken. At the FrOSCon 2009 the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) also offers all of its available examinations: LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 (101, 102, 201, 202) – in German and in English, LPIC-3 (301, 302, 303*) – in English, Univention Certified Professional Examination (LPI 198) – in German.

  • For the first time at the FrOSCon: LPIC-3/303 on the subject ‘Security’.