froscon2008 - 1.1

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Susanne Ebrecht

Susanne Ebrecht is one of the leaders of the German PostgreSQL User Group and she is one of the founders of the PostgreSQL European group. She leaded this group during the first year. Also she was the first female developer of PostgreSQL. Today she is the PostgreSQL guy who works for MySQL.

Susanne Ebrecht is active as the open source community since 1996 (started with Debian) and studied computer sciences at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrueck/Germany. Already during her study time databases were one of her main topics. She started 1998 with Informix and PostgreSQL. She is active as PostgreSQL community since 2000 and made lots of stuff to make PostgreSQL more popular in Germany. She organised booths on exhibitions, She founded a central German PostgreSQL User group together with some other German PostgreSQL activist. During FOSDEM (Brussels) 2007 she has had the idea of PostgreSQL User group Europe and she founded this group together with User group leaders from Germany, France and Italy. Today she is active at both groups (Europe and Germany).

Because it's difficult to find a fix job in Germany as academical women who is younger then 35 years she worked for two companies making PostgreSQL, Informix, Oracle support and migrations from one system to the other. Since 2007 she is working for MySQL as Support Engineer. Because Sun bought MySQL today she is a Sun employee.