froscon2008 - 1.1

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Boris Erdmann
Tag Day 2 (2008-08-24)
Raum HS6
Beginn 10:00
Dauer 01:00
ID 291
Veranstaltungstyp lecture
Track PHP
Sprache der Veranstaltung en

Scalable internet applications and asynchronous communication

An introduction to the dropr message queue for PHP

Today's internet applications often sooner than later face the need to scale out. RPC/RMI within the cloud and across several servers can become a severe bottleneck of such applications. Depending on your setup, asynchronous messaging might be a viable answer to some of the challenges involved.

The dropr project implements an asynchronous message queue system for PHP that features

  • an easy setup
  • a modular and lightweight design
  • a decentralized architecture with no single point of failure
  • reliable and durable (failsafe) messaging

The talk will show how dropr can be used to scale out internet applications and at the same time provide for high availability.