froscon2008 - 1.1

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Giuseppe Maxia
Day Day 1 (2008-08-23)
Room HS5
Start time 10:00
Duration 01:00
ID 243
Event type workshop
Track Administration
Language used for presentation en

MySQL Sandbox

How to Do Custom Installs in Seconds

MySQL Sandbox is a tool to install a side server or a replication system in "seconds," in complete isolation, without need to remember complex sequence of commands.

Administrators, developers, QA, and support engineers need to install and test several versions of MySQL database server. Performing this task safely, without affecting existing instances on the same host, is not easy. Using MySQL Sandbox, users can:

* Install a new server in less than 10 seconds, just by pointing to a binary tarball.
* Install a system of master + slaves in replication in less than 15 seconds.
* Install 10 independent servers in 1 minute with just one command.
* Optionally, install the above items with complex options, using one command, without need of editing configuration files.
* This session shows how to install a server or a replication system with MySQL Sandbox, covering the basics and some advanced options.

It will also show the ease of use through the auto-generated scripts.

Real world examples!