froscon2008 - 1.1

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Konstantin Käfer
Tag Day 2 (2008-08-24)
Raum HS3
Beginn 11:15
Dauer 01:00
ID 193
Veranstaltungstyp lecture
Track Web
Sprache der Veranstaltung en

Advanced JavaScript Programming

Features, Patterns and Techniques

  • Advanced language features
  • Extending JavaScript
  • Pattern and techniques
  • Functional programming
  • Debugging and Analyzing

JavaScript was and still is often regarded as a toy language, used for making web pages a little bit more interactive. This attitude has changed slightly with the popularization of AJAX and Rich JavaScript-based clients. However, few programmers leverage the full possibilities of the language. JavaScript is in many ways different from other scripting languages such as Python or PHP. For example, it uses a prototype based object orientated system instead of a class based, features a lexical scope and supports functional programming known from languages like LISP and allows event based programming.

This talk aims to present various useful features and tricks that are not widely known but are certainly useful in every day programming. It will introduce the attendees to common design patterns and their application in JavaScript. Debugging JavaScript code will also be a subject of this talk.

What this talk doesn't cover: It is not an introduction to JavaScript, it doesn't cover the DOM (Document Object Model) and is not specific to browsers but rather aims to provide an advanced overview about the JavaScript language itself.