froscon2008 - 1.1

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Werner Dittmann
Day Day 1 (2008-08-23)
Room HS4
Start time 15:15
Duration 01:00
ID 169
Event type lecture
Track Security
Language used for presentation en

Intercept-free communications using free software

Secure calling and GNU ZRTP

GNU Telephony Secure Calling is intended to make it both possible, and easy,for individuals, private organizations, and public institutions to deploy secure realtime voice and video communications (VoIP) both in closed and openly accessible networks, and to do so in a manner which helps make passive and warrantless communication intercept of private communication a thing of the past. This presentation will introduce the GNU ZRTP stack, how it works in various environment. Then we have short a look at GNU SIP Witch, a brand new SIP call server that is part of the GNU Project. The use of peer distributed audio and encryption services such as the GNU ZRTP will also be introduced, and how these relate together to creating scalable and easily maintained secure telephone networks that can operate safely even over the public Internet will be explained and demonstrated.