froscon2007 - 0.96

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Dag Wieers

Long time Linux user, Open Source developer and, professionally, independent Linux and Open Source consultant.

Since Dag Wieers started with computers as a 8 year old kid logging onto Bulletin Board Systems and FidoNet, he has seldom been spotted without one.

During his college years he worked as an independent Linux consultant for various companies after which he founded his own Linux consulting company with friends.

Due to differences in management style and strategy and despite the success, he sold and withdrew from his company to be hired by IBM Belgium where he maintained the internal Linux systems and consulted customers on Linux and Open Source usage. Recently he switched back to being self-employed and a consultant for Euroclear bank.

During his professional life until now, he gained experience in automating system administration tasks, analysing system problems and designing future-scalable solutions, as well as operating a small company. Dag is known inside the Linux community for his work on a huge RPM software collection, writing and maintaining Open Source tools and advocating Open Source practices.

You are invited to take a look at some of his utilities:

Dstat: plugin-based real-time monitoring system

Dconf: hardware and software config snapshot tool

mrepo: distribution and repository mirror and build tool

sarah: Red Hat Security Advisory aggregator

unoconv: OpenOffice (UNO) commandline convertor

wascii: Asciidoc documentation repository web frontend