froscon2007 - 0.96

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Lenz Grimmer
Day 1
Room HS1/HS2
Start time 14:00
Duration 01:00
ID 31
Event type Lecture
Track Open Beyond Software
Language English

Opening the doors (and windows) of the Cathedral

Enabling an architecture of participation around the MySQL Server

Even though the MySQL Server is released and distributed as Open Source Software (OSS) under the GPL, the development itself so far has mostly been performed in a very closed-source fashion, as most of the developers are employed by MySQL AB. This talk covers some of the ongoing efforts to establish an architecture of participation around MySQL that attempts to move the MySQL server development process into the public, making it more accessible to other developers interested in contributing.

The session will describe the overall goals behind these efforts and also cover other areas that expand the ecosystem around the MySQL Server, e.g. the MySQL Proxy, Connectors or the GUI Tools. In the course of this presentation, Lenz will highlight some of the projects that have been established in order to make the MySQL development process more transparent and hopefully more attractive for community contributors. Some of the projects mentioned will be the MySQL University, the MySQL Worklog, the patch contribution program and other activities. He will introduce the various resources which are utilized and have been established to support these activities, e.g. the MySQL Forge, Bug Database, Forums.