froscon2007 - 0.96

Free and Open Source Software Conference

Chuck Smith
Day 2
Room HS1/HS2
Start time 11:45
Duration 00:30
ID 108
Event type Lecture
Track Web
Language English

WikiCreole and its practical applications

the future of wiki interaction

WikiCreole is a common wiki markup language to be used across different wikis, not replacing existing markup, but instead enabling wiki users to transfer content seamlessly across wikis. Ten wiki engines and four wiki tools have already implemented Creole.

WikiCreole is a common wiki markup language currently implemented by over ten wiki engines. Its purpose is not to replace current wiki syntax, but rather to complement it, so that people can edit wikis from multiple wiki engines, without having to learn and remember each wiki syntax. This would also make it easier to migrate content from one wiki system to another. I will show the spec, current applications and explain implementation possibilities and stages for potentially integrating Creole into wiki engines.

More than ten engines now support Creole including Oddmuse, MoinMoin, DokuWiki, TiddlyWiki, JSPWiki, Ghestalt, PmWiki, PodWiki, Nyctergatis Markup Engine and NotesWiki. Other applications include the PEAR wiki filter (enabling developers to more easily write PHP wiki software), the Drupal CMS (using the PEAR wiki filter), Radeox (a Java wiki rendering engine), WikiWizard (a WYSIWiki editor) and a prototype JavaScript parser. Creole could eventually be integrated into email, SMS or any application where users need to quickly and easily enter formatted text.