froscon06 1.02

FrOSCon 2006
Free and Open Source Software Conference

Sebastian K├╝gler
Day 1
Location HS4
Start time 19:00
Duration 01:00
ID 76
Type Lecture
Track Misc
Language english

Roadmap to World Domination

Marketing KDE

Professional marketing efforts are still rare in the Free Software world. Last summer, the KDE project has started a concerted effort to streamline marketing and promotion of the project. The KDE Marketing Working Group is working on different issues such as coordination of existing efforts and scientifical research on Marketing of Free and Open Source software. In this presentation, the work of the KDE Marketing Working Group will be described. The goal of the talk is to raise awareness for the necessity of dealing with marketing in a professional way for Open Source projects. Chances, opportunities and ways to increase effectiveness of current efforts will be discussed.